Computer Networks

Spring 2022

Course Instructors: Tushar Jois & Prof. Avi Rubin

Topics covered will include application layer protocols (e.g. HTTP, FTP, SMTP), transport layer protocols (UDP, TCP), network layer protocols (e.g. IP, ICMP), link layer protocols (e.g. Ethernet) and wireless protocols (e.g. IEEE 802.11). The course will also cover routing protocols such as link state and distance vector, multicast routing, and path vector protocols (e.g. BGP). The class will examine security issues such as firewalls and denial of service attacks. We will also study DNS, NAT, Web caching and CDNs, peer to peer, and protocol tunneling. Finally, we will explore security protocols (e.g. TLS, SSH, IPsec), as well as some basic cryptography necessary to understand these. Grading will be based on hands-on programming assignments, homeworks and two exams. (EN.601.226 AND EN.601.229 as prerequisites, 3 credits, letter grading)

🌐 EN.601.414(01) and EN.601.614(01) will meet with Prof. Rubin on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 - 10:15a.
📡 EN.601.414(02) and EN.601.614(02) will meet with Tushar on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 - 2:45p.

More information coming soon!