Secure Systems Engineering, Spring 2024

Project Check-In 4


Now that your code is submitted, it’s onto the next portion: the red team. This check-in is designed to help you with that process, so it’s due a bit later than the other check-ins.

Discuss each question with your group. Then, distill your discussion into 2-3 sentences, and write up a response. Submit your responses to all questions to Blackboard. Your responses to these questions are not binding, but give them some thought as you talk among each other.

Status questions

This first set of questions pertains to your current status with regards to your demo.

  1. How confident does your group feel about your submitted code? Explain.
  2. How prepared does your group feel for the demo day? Explain.

Demo day assignments

The demo day is Tue May 7 during class time. Every demo day meeting will take place in the instructor’s office, Steinman 638. Please make sure to bring a laptop that supports the course VM. The following are the group assignments for the demo day:

Group Timeslot
1 6:30p – 6:45p
2 6:55p – 7:10p
3 7:20p – 7:35p
4 7:45p – 8:00p
5 8:10p – 8:25p

Meetings will start promptly at the assigned time. Note that all group members must be on-time for your group to receive credit. The team leader should coordinate with all members to ensure no one is late.

Organization questions

The next set of questions regards how you will plan out the remaining tasks for the project. Make sure that you can answer the two questions below before leaving for break.

  1. What is your group’s timeline to finish the red team analysis and create the presentation? When and where will you meet?
  2. Are you able to set up and run the code that you received?

Planning questions

This final set of questions are designed to help you plan the remainder of the project.

  1. Go through the voting machine code that you received. What parts of the code correspond to the required voting machine functionality?
  2. What parts of the code appear not to be related to the required functionality? This is likely where the vulnerabilities can be found.
  3. Can you use the user interface to run the code corresponding to the different functionality? This could mean that any vulnerabilities can be exploited.
  4. What backdoors have you found in the code? How are they exploited? How do they change the outcome of the election?
  5. What will be the content of your presentation? Go through the project description before answering this question, so that your group is aware of the requirements.
  6. Who will present which part of the presentation? Note that every group member must present for about an equal amount of time.

What to turn in

Upload the following to Blackboard before the due date above:

Only one submission per group is necessary. Blackboard is set up with your project groups for this check-in.